Be One of the First to Use CRISPR

Science Literacy Week 2016 – Be One of the First to Use CRISPR: A Brand New Bio-Medical Engineering Technology

Article By: Nina S Rafeek

CRISPR is an innovative genome editing tool that is creating a lot of buzz in the scientific community.  It has the potential to be one of the tools that will revolutionize cancer treatment.

In an interview with CBC News, Jason Moffat, a cancer researcher at the University of Toronto says that CRISPR is exciting because “It gives you tools to ask questions about what things are doing that we could never do before.” At U of T, Jason Moffat is using CRISPR to identify the set of genes that are essential for cell survival.

CRISPR is unique because it has the capability to edit the genome of any species with outstanding precision, flexibility and efficiency. This means that it can be used on virtually any organism – plant, animal or bacteria- in our ecosystem.

CRISPR technology is still in the preliminary stages of testing.  With conscious and ethical use, this tool has the potential to be the genome editing tool of the future.  Be a part of it!

The event, Workshop with DIYbio: Hands-On with CRISPR will take place at Gerstein Library.  It is a two-hour hands-on workshop where you will learn to use, and experiment with, this exciting new genetic engineering technology.  You will also learn basic lab techniques, such as pipetting and culturing bacteria.  The workshop is facilitated by DIY-bio, a non-profit biotech hackerspace.  It is open to everyone and is specifically designed for those with little to no lab experience.

This event is a part of Science Literacy week and will be held on Tuesday, September 20th from 5pm-7pm.  For more information and to register for this event, click here!