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The Cabinet Project: Using Art as a Medium to Explore the Sciences

Article by: Nina S Rafeek The Art-Sci Salon at the Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences is composed of a group of artists, scientists and art-sci tech enthusiasts who meet once a month to engage in critical discussions on topics at the intersection between the arts and science. In January of last year, co-founders of the … Read More

Ask a Laureate

Calling all high school students and teachers! Did you know that the Department of Chemistry holds an annual outreach event for high school students and the general public? The Laureate Events include the Lunch with a Laureate Essay Contest and Ask a Laureate Lectures.  The 7th Annual Ask a Laureate Lectures will take place Friday … Read More

Female Chimpanzees employ babysitters to wean young faster: U of T research.

A babysitter can make a big difference in a parent’s life. For wild chimps in Uganda, it may even mean that mothers can wean their infants faster, which can allow them to reproduce again more quickly. A University of Toronto study looked at 42 pairs of chimpanzee mothers and infants at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda. … Read More

Breast Cancer “decision tree” helps women navigate treatment options

“No other tool like this anywhere in North America,” says U of T medical anthropologist A free information tool largely designed by breast cancer survivors and a University of Toronto medical anthropologist is now available online to explain treatment options for the most common form of cancer in women. Breast cancer “decision trees” that map … Read More

Food Systems Lab at U of T tackles Canada’s food waste problem

PhD student Tammara Soma wants to break the wasted food cycle We’re all guilty of wasting food. Sometimes we dump the leftovers in the trash after a big meal, or we find forgotten food in the fridge that has long since expired. Restaurants, grocery stores and food distributors are also wasteful – throwing out ugly-looking … Read More

U of T study reveals key to a happy sex life

The secret to a happy sex life in long-term relationships is the belief that it takes hard work and effort, instead of expecting sexual satisfaction to simply happen if you are true soulmates, says a study led by a University of Toronto social psychology researcher. These “sexpectations” — the need to work on sexual growth … Read More

Interview with Professor Molly Shoichet: Join us for an upcoming public talk

Regenerative Medicine: Finding the Cure at the Intersection of Engineering and Medicine at the University of Toronto   Article by: Nina Rafeek In 1963, biophysicist James Till and cellular biologist Ernest McCulloch publishes a ground-breaking study in Nature that demonstrates the existence of stem cells at the University of Toronto.  Since this discovery, stem cells … Read More

What do you get out of the Science Leadership Program?

Article by Nina Rafeek Are you an academic scientist, engineer or a social scientist from U of T or another Canadian research-intensive university? If so, the Science Leadership Program was created just for you. The Science Leadership Program is a 2+ day workshop that is designed revolutionize your potential as a communicator of research and … Read More

For Researchers: Great Tips for Talking to the Media

UofT Communications has launched a new Media Room site.  The site includes Resources for Faculty including advice for interacting with media (interview tips) and on writing option pieces. The Blue Book is a popular resource for reporters and news producers who need to find experts to comment and provide context on topical news stories. Check … Read More